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Sound Design







"Alex Worthington for Love and Information (Main Street Theater) and Working (Main Street Theater)
Laptops, texting, video cell phones. That’s the world of today, and in Love and Information at Main Street Theater, whose actors had to negotiate some 60 different scenes lasting from seconds to minutes. Alex Worthington was in charge of the sound, especially crucial in the short time that we have with each group of actors coming on and off the stage. In the background, additional sounds were busy dropping hints along the way. Worthington also oversaw the sound in Working at Main Street, and while the actors there didn’t have to deliver quite so quickly, there were constant changes as one after another, they came onstage to tell their stories about their work in word and song. Busy and exuberant, they love their jobs or hate them, are resigned or still dream about the future. Add in dancing, and the degree of difficulty just goes up. Worthington handled all of it like a master."


Below are examples/excerpts of original scores, demos, and sound effect examples used from past productions.

An excerpt-medley of two of my scores. "Ghetto" by Joshua Sobol and "Georgie Gets a Facelift" by Daniel Guyton.

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